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HIPPY promotes school readiness and early literacy through parent involvement by:

  • Providing a HIPPY curriculum with activities for children ages 3 and 4 that offers practice in skills that research has proven crucial to school readiness.
  • Designing the HIPPY curriculum so that parents with limited or unsuccessful schooling, and/or limited financial resources can be successful teachers of their own children.
  • Providing home visits that offer one-on-one instruction from a peer, in the parent’s most fluent language, where available.
  • Creating an environment that supports the parent in their role as the child’s first teacher.
  • Helping parents understand what their child is learning and how that supports future learning.
  • Having group meetings that provide socialization for children and information and support for parents.

Strong Accountability:

HIPPY strongly believes in accountability and focuses on results. All local HIPPY programs follow the program model, although each program also adjusts its local implementation to the needs and resources of the specific community and family.

Concentrating resources on proven education methods:

The HIPPY model is research-based and has been proven effective both in helping children start school ready to learn and in helping parents get involved in their children’s education. Several studies on HIPPY from around the United States have shown children coming to school with the necessary early literacy and school readiness skills to be successful learners. Other studies have shown parents getting more involved in their children’s education, both as their children’s first teacher and as an advocate on behalf of their children’s education.

More choices for parents:

Parent involvement is at the heart of the HIPPY program, helping parents with the skills, tools and confidence they need.

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